The fastest man on two hands

When this utter madlad succeeds, which he will with his level of devotion, people will attempt to claim that he had an unfair edge owing to his condition, which I believe demonstrates my lack of trust in humans. This is incredibly motivating, and it should serve as a fantastic reminder for those who constantly find a reason why they can’t. So, regardless of your position, this person is demonstrating that there are no valid excuses. Simply get out of bed and go grab it. You can always succeed if you have the determination and fortitude to keep trying.

It’s incredible that he worked with what he had and yet managed to become the finest. This is very inspirational. I’m not making fun of him; I’m simply curious as to how folks born without their lower half use the restroom. I know it seems harsh, but I don’t mean to offend you. He’s still a badass, though.

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