The 65-Year-Old Man Who Hasn’t Bathed

This guy is the living embodiment of Diogenes. Call me crazy, but I’d want to have a meaningful conversation with him about how he perceives life, the world, and his surrounds. He may be seen as a maniac and a crazy guy by us, but he is now enjoying his best life, without caring about anything. A highly dressed Arab man came into an elevator with me and my companion at the time in Egypt, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the worst scent I’d ever smelled. “Like a homeless person” doesn’t even come close to describing it, because it smelt far worse than any homeless person I’ve ever seen, and we have a lot of homeless people in Washington, DC. Consider the worst crap, diarrhea, and vomiting events you’ve ever experienced or watched; I doubt any of them created a stench as terrible, if not worse, than what I smelled.

I was virtually unable to breathe the entire way down the elevator shaft for fear of passing out. When I say this, I’m not trying to be harsh; I’m just trying to be as precise as possible in describing how horrible he smelled. This video reminds me of a recollection, and I’m curious whether this man smells comparable to or worse than the Egyptian man.

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