Restoration of a COLT Python.357 MAGNUM gun lighter

THIS IS NOT A FIREARM; rather, it is a low-cost Chinese cigarette lighter replica of the renowned Colt Python.357 Magnum revolver, which was debuted in 1955, the same year Smith & Wesson produced the.44 Magnum revolver. The lighter was found in a metal trashcan. I was eager to see if I could get it to function again. These low-cost butane lighters have a terrible reputation for being ineffective.

The handle was built of the same low-cost materials as the rest of the lighter. To get it off, I had to drill a hole in the handle. I used warm soapy water to clean the revolver’s handle, then ground it with fine sandpaper and polished it with car wax. Unfortunately, the cylinder on this Colt Python was constructed of cheap plastic, so I just cleaned it with strong chemicals to obtain the matt black plastic appearance.

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