In Africa, fearless men’s bond with the holy reptile I SLICE

Because we’re misled by our own selfishness, most of us don’t give animals enough credit for their skills. We murder them needlessly, invade on their area, mistreat them, and have pushed an inordinate number of them to extinction, yet we expect them to be docile in our presence in the big scheme of things. Humans are the world’s most hazardous animals.
As a result, I appreciate and respect people like these who have set a beautiful example of how humans and animals may cohabit in the environment. I’m not sure what the attraction is with what happens if a certain species becomes hungry or dies.

It was really rewarding to witness the youngster have so much fun riding the crocodile, and the crocodile appeared to enjoy it as well. The Crocs may be able to sense the tribe’s love for them because animals can sense people’s vibratory energy. That man did say at the end that anyone who tried to kill the animals would be killed. That is what love is all about!

I sometimes wish I could go back in time and live before the colonialists arrived. These were the days of glory and wisdom. I wish I could have seen the walls of Zimbabwe and experienced what it was like to live there. How did they make such sculptures and beads? Now we’ve lost it all, vying with the Europeans to ruin the world simply to be called civilized.

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