For More Than 45 Years, This Man Has Kept His Arm Raised

Okay, that’s OK, but why? Did his faith tell him he had to do it? Did he do it because he was advised to by a priest? Why did he make such a promise? To me, this appears to be somewhat excessive. He messed up his arm and hand for no apparent cause. I wish there was more information in the video. I’m really intrigued by that man’s logic. Some of this may seem strange to some… Yet, given that we live such a brief and useless existence in comparison to the larger picture, why not do something that makes you happy, even if it is unconventional… Which isn’t always a terrible thing. Friends, be positive and stay cheerful.

My brother worked as a welder in construction for a few years and lived out of an old WWII cave. He had a strange tendency of appearing in strange locations all over the world and a reputation for surviving the most bizarre conditions. He’s now assisting my folks in the reconstruction of their home.

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